Free Automatic Daily SEO Performance Tracking

SiteOlytic's SEO Keywords Tracker allows you to monitor and track the SEO performance, social media rankings of your site for any given keywords.

SEO Performance Monitoring
Daily Tracking of search engine rankings for websites and given keywords over time. You can track as many websites and keywords as you would like manually. Our system also allows you to select a number of websites and keywords for our automated daily tracking.

Daily Screenshots
Screenshots of the website are taken every day and stored with the associated HTML file. That way you can go back in time and visually see how your website (or your competitors website) has evolved.

Social Media and Metrics Monitoring
Track social metrics and how many people like or share a particular page on Facebook or give it a plus on Google. Graphic indicators next to the key metrics show you the trending for each metric.

Competitor Tracking
Monitor and track competitors you should keep an eye on. Find out when and what they do that changes their page authority or domain authority. All website profiles are presented in one easy-to-read dashboard that shows the most important performance indicators per website.

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